Where are you located?

We are located at 24401 Hoover Road. Warren, Michigan 48089

Are you open to the public? Can general public make purchases?

Yes! We welcome the public. Anyone can shop here. Small businesses, bin store owners, flea market sales people, ecommerce sales and online auction sales people are also welcome. Please come during regular business hours.

What are your business hours?

We are open Monday – Friday 11-530 and Saturday’s 11-4. We have a hard stop at closing time. For safety sake, we may sometimes close the warehouse to tend to full truckloads that are arriving. This can be at a moment’s notice. A note is typically placed on the door and you will see the truck being unloaded at the loading dock. Please know this is for your safety as well as our staff.

What types of pallets do you have in Warren, MI?

We carry from 200-300 pallets each week. They often vary in retailers and values. Please stop in and see what variety we have that week or visit our website or Facebook SHOP NOW buttons to see individual pallets that are in house. Our most popular and regular retailers are DG, Wlmrt, HD, Trgt GM, Cstco furniture, Cstco GM, Mcys bedding, Wlmrt IDC, P&G, AMZ smalls, & AMZ mediums.

Can I have a pallet or more shipped to me?

Yes! We certainly can ship pallets to you. Click on the pallet in our SHOP section and request a shipping quote on the pallet. Please indicate if you would like more than 1 pallet. We are hesitant to ship singular pallets as this can drastically reduce your profit margin. We will not ship pallets to the west coast. This is not cost effective for you and we would not feel comfortable doing so. Please consider driving to our warehouse and picking your pallets yourself. Many make the trip, rent a u-haul and take back with them OR bring their own truck/trailer and load up!

Can I buy a full truckload?

Yes! We ask that you visit our SHOP NOW button on the website for descriptions of our available loads. Descriptions are on each load. If you are unfamiliar with the load or have questions, PLEASE ask them via our message button/contact us. We want you understand the quality/description of the load.

How do I secure a full truckload?

You may secure a load right away and get invoiced prior to receiving a shipping quote, or request a shipping quote and wait to be invoiced. Please note, loads sell fast! If you are experienced and know the shipping range that’s typical from a specific FOB to you, we recommend that you ask to be invoiced right away in order to secure the load. If you aren’t sure/are new to receiving a shipment from that particular FOB, please request a shipping quote prior.

How do I pay?

Truckloads are strictly paid through wire transfer. Jody Smith will email your company an invoice from her business email address. This will then give instructions to WIRE transfer to her bank business account. Pallets are paid through WIRE, ZELLE or CASH. Once you choose your pallets, payment instructions will follow. Individual Items in Warren, MI are paid by cash or Zelle only