⚡️Pokemon Master Journeys The Series Action Figure Gengar 🆕 Distressed Box ⚠️


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Box is CRUSHED but never opened (See photos)

Kickstart your quest with the Pokémon Journeys Battle Figure 5 Pack. Team up with a 4.5-inch figure of Ash Ketchum with his Electric-type Pikachu as they appear in their unique design from Pokémon Journeys. Also along for the ride are a 3-inch Fighting- and Steel-type Lucario, a 3-inch Fighting-type Sirfetch’d, a 4.5-inch Ghost- and Poison-type Gengar and a 12-inch Normal-type Dragonite. Display these Pokémon alongside your other Battle Figures and prepare for the ultimate trip. Officially licensed Pokémon product from Jazwares. Ages 4+


• (1) 4.5-Inch Ash Ketchum with Pikachu Figure

• (1) 4.5-Inch Gengar Figure

• (1) 3.5-Inch Lucario Figure

• (1) 3.5-Inch Sirfetch’d Figure

• (1) 12-Inch Dragonite Figure