AUTOMOTIVE FUEL PRESSURE TEST KIT – professional quality tool – EFI fuel pump


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  • Brand new fuel pressure testing kit
  • Professional quality tool
  • Features longer hoses than most test gauge sets
  • Used to test fuel pumps for high pressure, low pressure, or no pressure
  • Lean or rich conditions can be caused by the wrong fuel pressure
  • 41” long fuel pressure gauge hose to reach any test port
  • 68” long drain hose to bleed off fuel safely
  • 100 PSI pressure gauge with rubber protective cover
  • Non-spark brass fittings
  • Multiple adapters and fittings to fit most applications
  • GM TBI adapter
  • Three banjo bolt adapters
  • 90 degree adapter
  • Ford Schrader adapter
  • Inline dual manifold adapter
  • Multimeter to test relays, wiring, fuses, and fuel pump voltage
  • Alligator adapters for multimeter probes
  • Standard multimeter probes
  • Blow molded storage case

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