Cocomelon Musical BathTime Playset JJ And TomTom Figures Plays Bath Song New


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Cocomelon Musical BathTime Playset JJ And TomTom Figures  Plays Bath Song New 

Get ready to meet your toddler’s new favorite toy, the CoComelon Musical Bathtime Playset! Their love for music will reach adorable new levels as they sing along to clips from CoComelon’s “Bath Song.” The song, straight from the hit CoComelon series, will help teach your little one how to get all cleaned up in the bath! While the toy cannot be submerged in water, you can fill the toy bathtub with water. They will love watching the two CoComelon figures – JJ and TomTom – undergo a cool color change activation that will take the boys from “dirty” to “clean,” using the cleaning cloth to clean them up! The color change is activated by water. You wet the cleaning cloth and wipe the “dirt” clean! Also included are two toy bath squirters for JJ and TomTom! Spark your child’s imagination with the CoComelon Musical Bathtub Playset!
Inspired by your child’s favorite educational series, the CoComelon Musical Bathtime Playset is the perfect toy for playtime! The kids will have a blast!
The playset will attract your child’s attention immediately with its various features, like CoComelon’s popular “Bath Song” and JJ and TomTom’s ‘dirty’ to ‘clean’ transformation!
Two toy bath squirters are also included in the playset, for JJ and TomTom