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Style:Push & Pull By observing your bird, you will quickly see that birds really prefer “working” to obtain their food. It’s fun to watch them searching, seeking, pecking, poking, scratching, finding, and munching the food. This foraging toy is more than just a feeder for your fine feathered friend; it’s a puzzle that makes them work for their dinner and keeps their minds stimulated. Wild birds spend the majority of their time looking for food, it keeps them busy and mentally sharp. Most pet birds get their food in a bowl delivered by a large human hand and there isn’t much of a challenge for Birdy in that. So, they get bored and become an annoying pain-in-the-neck. The foraging system was designed to keep your feathered pal engaged and happy.Your bird will work hard to probe, search, seek, peck, poke,push, and pull until the food or treats land at the bottom. Buy this nifty feedertoday to keep your favorite bird happy and engaged.

Style: Push & Pull
Brand: Featherland Paradise
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UPC: 711085007531
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