Jetson Sync Dynamic Sound Scooter, All Terrain, Light-up Rims – Black


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Riders will be able to show not only their moves but also their tunes with the Jetson Sync All-Terrain Hoverboard. This is one ride that is all about showing off and having fun.
With the Jetson Sync All-Terrain Hoverboard’s light-up deck and light-up wheels riders can really get heads turning, while the inclusion of a Bluetooth speaker allows riders to up their swagger. The Jetson Sync All-Terrain Hoverboard let’s riders be seen and be heard. The Jetson Sync’s zippy motor allows riders to hit a top speed of 10mph while its lithium-ion battery gives them a range of 8 miles – more than enough to show off around the neighborhood. The Jetson Sync’s all-terrain tires ensure that riders will always have a smooth ride.
So turn on the lights, get the music playing, and get ready for a hoverboard ride that you are definitely going to be in sync with.
The Jetson Sync All-Terrain Hoverboard is recommended for ages 12 and up.

Top Speed up to 10 mph
Max Range up to 8 miles
Dual Motor
Light-Up Wheels
Light-Up Deck
Integrated Bluetooth Speaker
All-Terrain 6.3″ Tires