Kid Connection Play Food Set, 100 Pieces


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Watch your little one’s face brighten up with a big smile when you bring home this fun, new Kid Connection 100-Piece Play Food Set for them to enjoy. Designed for use by children ages three years old and up, this Kid Connection Play Food Set is an adorable addition to any toy collection and is sure to provide countless hours of fun at home. This 100-piece set comes with everything needed for your child to pretend they are whipping up a tasty breakfast, lunch or dinner. With a basket and a wide array of play foods ranging from corn-on-the-cob to an ice cream cone to a slice of pizza, this set is sure to be a hit with your child and become their new favorite toy. Add it to your home’s nursery, playroom, kid’s bedroom or anywhere else your child might enjoy pretending to cook and have some creative and imaginative fun. Pick up the Kid Connection 100-Piece Play Food Set today and see how much fun your child has cooking meals and serving them to family and friends.

Kid Connection 100-Piece Play Food Set:

  • 100-piece play food set
  • Set includes everything a child needs to cook a pretend breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • Comes with shopping basket to store all the food
  • Children can pretend to serve a meal or shop at the supermarket
  • Provides hours of active and engaging fun
  • Fun addition to any kid’s playroom
  • Recommended for children ages 3 years and older