Kingwork Professional Work Knee Pads Pair Heavy Duty Construction Foam Padding


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KINGWORK Professional-KneePads Heavy Duty EVA Foam padding Ultra Flex III Durable-Knee Pads

  • KINGWORK KneePro Ultra Flex III Safety Kneepads retain the flexibility of Ultra Flex III. The material selection and production process have been upgraded. Compared with the same knee pads on the market, our special production process makes our products softer and more coordinated.It also has a longer life time.
  • FLEXIBLE DESIGN: The ergonmic structure supports your free movement without any sense of restraint. Unisex knee pads are equipped with Slip buckle clips to ensure that knees stay close to the knee all day long. Bring you a better work experience. With a metal rivet hinge, which offers ease of movement when walking or kneeling. The mechanical combination structure allows the product to have a longer life time, truly built to withstand heavy usage.
  • TRIPLE PROTECTION: KINGWORK Ultra Flex III Safety Kneepads have a triple structure in the protective part. The first is Replacement Grip Strips, which can easily protect cuts and scrapes. Secondly, there will be a layer of strong plastic shell that effectively supports your knees and plays a protective role. Finally, a soft protective layer with a thickness of 16mm ensures comfort.
  • SELECTED MATERIALS: Soft elastic woven straps are positioned well above and below the knee and have a speed clip for quick attachment. Its triple layer, 3/4 “thick, high density EVA closed cell foam pad provides the ultimate protective layer. Thermo-heating technology is used to make the EVA material softer while providing efficient protection.
  • PROFESSIONAL USAGE– Heavy duty knee pads are a must for many jobs, including military/tactical, flooring, tiling, roofing, landscaping,welding, stocking shelves, gardening, cleaning, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning work and more. This product are made for professionals, whose work calls for kneeling, crawling or squatting.You can comfortable for all-day use.