Matrix SoColor Sync Demi 5 N J Alkaline Toner (PREVIOUSLY Color Sync Demi-P


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Variation : 5NJ – Medium Brown Neutral Jade
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*Packaging may appear different due to brand manufacturer update. **Shade name may differ, however, as long as the shade number is correct, the color will be correct. For instance, 6A may say “light brown ash” or “dark blonde ash”. It’s the same color simply described differently.What it is: If you’ve never gone Demi, you’re missing out! Matrix ColorSync demi-permanent hair color delivers a rich, reliable result every time! This hair color comes in various hues, like browns, reds, blondes, and pastels! It even comes in a “clear” shade for experimentation. Your next best hair color is here!What it does: This demi-permanent hair dye deposits color molecules on the hair. This dye does not lift the hair because it’s formulated with no ammonia.What else you need to know: Since the color does not penetrate the cortex of your hair, you don’t have to worry about excessive damage due to chemicals. The CERA oil conditioning complex conditions your hair and keeps the color vibrant for an extended amount of time.