NEW InterDynamics Certified AC Pro Air Conditioner Hose and Manifold Gauge


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  • CERTIFIFIED – Certified A/C Pro Automotive Air Conditioning R-134a Manifold Gauge & Hose Set is used to check both low and high side pressures while adding refrigerant.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE – This professional grade kit features SAE approved 72 inch hoses (blue low-side, red high-side), and 60 inch yellow charging hose.
  • CAN BE RECALIBRATED – The manifold has low and high pressure gauges that can be recalibrated.
  • GUAGE & HOSE SET – Professional R-134a manifold gauge and hose set also comes in a blow molded plastic case.
  • BUILT IN FEATURES – High and low pressure quick couplers with shutoff valves