Objective, Burma! [New Blu-ray] Mono Sound


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Objective, Burma! [New Blu-ray] Mono Sound

Title: Objective, Burma!

Format: Blu-ray

Label: Warner Archives

Genre: War Drama, War-World War II

UPC: 888574805807

Release Date: 2021

For special forces officer Nelson (Errol Flynn), leading 50 paratroopers on a drop into occupied Burma and knocking out a Japanese communications center would prove to be the easy part. With their escape airstrip in the hands of the enemy, a return to friendly ground would have to come on foot-through 150 miles of jungle. Stirring combat classic co-stars George Tobias, Henry Hull, Warner Anderson; Raoul Walsh directs. 142 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English DTS HD mono Master Audio; Subtitles: English (SDH)